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Binomo is a trading platform that works on binary format. Recently it has gained lots of attention. Many people are beginning to ask a lot of questions.
Binomo is a client oriented company with a proven method of leading the trading market. It began operation in 2014 with its base in Stagord Resources Ltd. located at Evagorou, 27,Irene Building, 4th Floor,Flat/Office 44, Trypiotis,Nicosia, 1066, Cyprus and Tiburon Corporation Limited. Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

How can I open a Binomo account?

It’s quite an easy task to open a Binomo account. All you need is a functioning email address. Once you hit the Binomo site. Click on the sign up icon, fill in your email address and choose a password. Password must be a combination of alphanumeric character (alphabets and numbers).
A confirmation message will be sent to your email address. Confirm your account via your email address by clicking on the registration link sent by Binomo. The link will simply take you to your Binomo page where you could simply update your personal information. After which you can start trading.

How can I fund my Binomo Account?

There are different ways of funding an account. One could simply use a Visa or Master card to fund accounts. Other methods of funding are via NETLLER, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Fasapay, Qiwi wallet, WMZ, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Steps in Funding a Binomo Account

Funding accounts through financial payment channels is quite easier than going through the cryptocurrency channel. As for me I prefer going through the cryptocurrency channel. Athough I know it is going to take a while before I receive my crypto in my wallet. I am sure that it will eventually reflect once I carry out the transaction correctly. Delays are been caused by transaction confirmation processes. It depends on the type of crypto currency used.
Am sure most people have one crypto or the other so one can easily transfer crypto from their wallet to their Binomo wallet. Perharps if you don’t have any crypto and needs to buy, you can simply buy from RemitanoLuno, etc.
In using the Cryptocurrency method of funding, you will be provided with a receive address. You are expected to transfer Bitcoin or whatever type of cryptocurrency you want to use for funding within a specific period. This time frame is normally between 23 to 36 hours.
I will recommend you make this transfer five hours to the deadline time; this is because you need to give time for confirmation.
How do I Trade with Binomo?
Trading with Binomo is not difficult since there is a demo account on its platform. Once you are registered and complete filling the necessary registration details. You can use the demo section. The demo account already has $1000 in it. You can simply practice with it. It’s advisable you practice in bits and not just exhaust your $1000 dollar in a single trade.
Binomo has a minimum deposit of $10 dollar but you can trade with as little as $1. Win rate is about 85 to 90%.

Bonuses on Binomo

Bonuses associate with this company are enormous. They are quite good at what they do. Their are bonuses when you take part in tournaments or promotions. You can also get bonuses when you top up your balance with over $50. Below is a pictorial view of the bonuses based on amount deposited.

Training on Binomo

Binomo creates an environment where novice or newbies in option trading could get themselves well equipped. They give relevant knowledge about options trading on Binomo. The broker created an extended training program. This program was designed in an interactive format. It is a video tutorials showing a step by step instructions and a glossary. Hence newbies with zero knowledge on trading can quickly learn the art of option trading.

Withdrawal of Funds on Binomo

It takes about 24 hours for one to actually get his withdrawn funds. This is to enable the system process the transaction accurately.
Withdrawals are specifically targeted towards a particular medium used for deposits. That is to say if you deposit via Bitcoin, you are expected to withdraw through bitcoin.

Advantages of Trading with Binomo

  • Binomo offers Elite options trading service with a wide spectrum of financial assets.
  • They provide analytical services for client trading
  • Binomo provides a demo account where you can practice before you go into the real business.
  • There is provision for high quality tutorials
  • Tips are sent through email to help you succeed with trades
  • Their customer service is great. There are professionals that attend to customers when the need arises

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