trading on the quotex platform, very easy and big profit

This of course makes some novice traders confused when they want to register and verify a Quotex account. For that, for those who want to try trading

 If you want to understand and most importantly want to learn, you have entered the right blog … yep, Quotex is a forex trading platform like Binomo or Olymp Trade. Because it is still new, Quotex itself is not widely known by traders, especially in Indonesia, india , malaysia , iran singapore china turkey kazakthan africa

This of course makes some novice traders confused when they want to register and verify a Quotex account. For that, for those who want to try trading on Quotex, please refer to the following steps.

How to Register a Global Quotex Account

The quotex platform itself is the best platform among other binary options trades,

Here's the Quotex account registration guide:

1. First, please open the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox application first, it can be via PC, Android cellphone and iPhone.

2. Then open the official website then click the Create Account button.

the next step, please fill in the data for email and password in the column provided. Don't forget to check the Service Agreement and also select the USD currency or your country's currency

If all the data has been filled in, you can immediately click the Sign Up button.

You have successfully registered for a Quotex account. Then you can enter the demo page by clicking the X button or directly deposit funds by clicking the Top up button.

Next, so that the account can be used, you need to confirm the account creation by opening the Gmail application and then looking for a confirmation message from Quotex. If you have clicked the Confirm the Email button.

What are the advantages of Quotex?

Advantages of Quotex

Once you learn Quotex trading and understand the system, you will surely become aware of its many beneficial features. The company is determined to create a trading platform environment that is suitable for various levels.

The various benefits and advantages that Quotex offers are as follows:

* Many users have successfully traded with Quotex. You can read positive testimonials in various reviews of Quotex trading Indonesia on the internet.

* This platform has a user-friendly interface so that anyone can use it easily. Plus, there are no account delays or freezes.

* You only need a minimum deposit of USD 5 to open an account. The minimum transaction is USD 1 and the withdrawal is USD 5, which is quite low compared to other similar platforms.

* Profitability is relatively high.

* Comes with many chart periods and trading indicators that make your transactions easy.

* You can use the demo account for free without time limit.

* Your deposits and withdrawals will not be deducted by fees.

* Trading you can do 24/7.

As previously explained, Quotex is very dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable trading environment for all levels. In addition, this platform also offers various attractive bonuses of up to 80% for its users.

The only drawback of this platform is that there is no special application for PC. So you have to do all transactions directly on the website. So far only Android phones can access the Quotex application.

Is Quotex Safe?

When it comes to security, you don't have to worry about Quotex. Based on the testimonials of traders who have used this platform since the beginning, it only takes 1 to 5 working days to withdraw cash. To fulfill this process you will need to show an ID or other valid ID.

Then what if you experience problems or are confused with the transaction process on the Quotex platform? Don't worry, because the support team is ready to serve your complaints 24/7, which also supports multiple languages. However, the support and service department still needs development so that the service becomes more solid.

In addition, you can find many positive reviews from traders who have used this platform first. This platform also has a large user base in several countries, such as Indonesia, India, Belarus, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Thank you for reading our review of Quotex , hopefully it will be useful for all of us


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