Register Olymp Trade step by step from A - Z for beginners

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Guide to making Olymp Trade step by step from A - Z for beginners
It can be said that after the virtual currency fever, all eyes are on the Trading Business or we know how to get money from the internet. Many financial investment platforms lined up in our country. Among them is Option Trade or fixed trade, the most sophisticated platform currently available. Namely OLYMPTRADE

The most important thing when participating in Olmyptrade Fixed Trade Options Trading.
You should definitely choose an exchange that has a good reputation. This is needed to ensure the security of your money. Aside from reputation, you also need to focus on the exchange trading platform. Because a great platform will help you make better money. Olymp Trade is such an exchange. Safe, leading, the best platform now. This has been confirmed for years.

To find out what the Olymp Trade trading platform is? You can see more in this article: What is Trade Trade? Why did you choose Olymp Trade

Olymp's Trade Guide for newcomers immediately receives a free Demo of $ 10,000
1. Register for a trading account at Olymp Trade in 3 easy steps
This is the first step for you to get to know the Olymp Trade trading platform. Only an email account, a telephone number is enough to get you started on Olymp Trade.
Note: Registration is completely free, you will be given $ 10,000 to try to play an account without losing anything. Must register early so as not to run out of capacity.

Step 1: Click the link. And click the "OPEN FREE ACCOUNT" button. The registration table will appear. You select the "Registration" tab

Step 2: Fill in the required information such as full name, email, telephone number and password. And press the "Resigter" button.

Step 3: Access your e-mail and read the e-mail that Olymp sends to you. Click the link to activate the account

You can see more Guide to Making Money from Olymp Trade: How to Create a Trading Account with Olymp Trade for more detailed instructions with pictures

2. Familiarize yourself with a demo account - The basic steps in trading on Olymp Trade
Demo accounts (trial accounts, no money) are the strengths of Olymp Trading. To make money on this platform, you need to have methods, skills and psychology. A demo account will help you perfect your methods and skills. You can go to the training section at to learn the required indicators

There are 2 of the most effective trading methods at Olymp Trade

The method of trading and psychological control are two factors that determine victory. For the most effective trading methods at Olymp Trade, you can view these 2 articles:

The most effective trading method at Olymp Trade
3 Simple Steps to Gain Profit and Sustainable Profits at Olymp Trade

These are the two methods that traders at Blogtien, as well as the right options to verify. You often "play" with these two methods.

3. Deposit funds to Olymp Trading
After getting used to and knowing how to play at Olymp Trade. You can save money for real transactions to make money.

Olymp Trade does a good recharge job. Will not let you have time to wait, money will quickly enter your account. The minimum tariff for a deposit is only US $ 10. You can use ATMs, Visa banks to deposit money into your account. (Visa and Master Card.Doku Wallet.Bank BNI.SKRILL.Neteller.Click BCA.Mandiri Internet Banking.etc)

4. Verify your account identity at Olymp Trade
To refill, you don't need to verify your identity. But before you want to withdraw money, you need to verify your identity. You need an ID card and a bank card (visa or ATM) to verify your Olymp Trading account

You can see a detailed article here: Verify your identity when withdrawing money from Olymptrade

5. Withdraw money from Olymp Trade to a local bank account
The real profit is only available when you withdraw your results to a local bank. But when you become a professional trader, attracting money is very important. Because it becomes one of the methods for you to control your "itchy hands" from yourself.

3 steps to withdraw money from Olymp Trading to a Local bank account
Step 1: Access your account at Olymp Trade. Select Withdrawal

Step 2: Enter the required information such as the amount to be withdrawn. Method of withdrawing money from a bank card or electronic wallet

Step 3: Enter information such as account name and number. Complete the withdrawal process

Roadmap to become a professional investor Blogtien trader
Everything must go step by step. This is the way in which you use your knowledge and emotions to make money. So you must have time to learn, practice skills to draw on experiences for close friends. This is the best route we recommend.

Success with a Demo account, at least 1 week. That means every day you have to get profit from Demo, and be in 1 week. To do this is not difficult. You just need to concentrate, concentrate and concentrate. Concentrate on a pair of products. Focus on 1 method. And focus on the time frame.

After at least 1 week of Demo Trading. Start with your $ 100 account (2 million. 3). Keep using what you do with the demo account to the real account. Naturally, start with $ 1. If you lose all $ 100. First, you cannot trade Options on Olymp Trade, because that is not right for you. Second, you return to the Demo account, stay focused.

Become a professional trader. Punctuality, right day, start the engine and focus on making money. Simply set a profit target, close the machine, withdraw money to the account. If you can do it, charge more than $ 100. Usually after 1 month of trading (Both demo + trading with a $ 100 account) You can become a professional trader.

Please share your own experience in the process of becoming a professional trader with the comments below, friends of Trader Friends.


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