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Trading Binary option is a way of trading that is fast and not too complicated compared to traditional forex trading or forex. It is therefore not surprising that binary option trading has attracted many traders over the past few years. However, even if a trader can make big wins in a short period of time, a trader can lose a lot of money in a short period. You need to approach this market just as you do something else. Knowledge, experience, and emotional control are still success factors.

We present the following as part of the phase because of your preparation to make a mindset that is going in the right direction. this advice will not guarantee success, but you will be advised to take note of each other's common sense. As a companion article, we also reveal traps that must be avoided when trading binary options. If these points are useful, please let us know, and let us know about other useful tips that you might also have to share. Finally, binary options are popular for various reasons. Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your binary options experience.

1- Choose Your Broker Wisely: Every month, many newcomers, both veteran traders and beginners, rush to open in a binary option trading account, mainly based on internet advertising. The appeal of this new trading vehicle has also resulted in an army of new brokers each month, each using the latest trading platform, asset portfolio, or yield ratio. In the early days, this broker came from a tax place far away where casino gambling was legal, but in recent years, traditional brokers have begun to join, finally accepting that binary options are not fad. As a result, this competition is great, and, unfortunately, conditions are ripe for the existence of fair brokers and for many people to implement very shady business practices. Take your time finding the right broker for you. Check with your local regulator, other traders, and Internet review websites for any irregularities or negative comment bursts. The time you spend here will be the best investment you can make in the long run.

2-Get to know your TA and Kandil: No one, even experts cannot predict exactly what an investment instrument might do for one minute or one hour, or even a month or more in the future. To win in this game, you need technical analysis on your part on a large scale. If your broker saves on these tools, you may need your MT4 forex platform available for additional support. In this case, pattern recognition can also play a big role, especially in the form of candlestick formations. Fundamental analysis can also play a role, but with a short time frame, it is best to know the scheduled events that can greatly affect the assets of your choice. Knowledge is power from the perspective of a guide with options, unless you only want to bet.

3- Limit Your Expectations: Many newcomers dream of dreams of getting rich quickly with these options and suddenly frustrated when the opposite happens. The initial report noted that the first person converted to binary options was a former online poker player. The attractiveness of other online gambling outlets is attractive to them, but human psychological factors work differently. You have to go "All in" with each order. There is no way to drive other players from the table to increase your chances. The yield ratio looks good from the start, but they are very much liked by the DPR. Competition has increased that opportunity, but you have to do your own review. Many brokers praise 81% and higher, but that may only be for certain assets at different times. If the average payment is 70%, with or without rebates, you might still have to win 60% of the time just to break even. If it's on average 80%, then your chances are similar to traditional forex trading, where the division of "55/45" includes commissions and losses. Remember that your goal is to tilt the opportunity to win from time to time.

4- developing a Trading Strategy olymptrade binomo iq option binary options: If you fail to have a trading plan, then you plan to fail. Emotions can disrupt your mind and destroy your deposit account. The only way accepted, according to veterans among us, is to develop a step-by-step strategy for how you will approach this market. You don't need to make your own plans. Search engines can come up with many strategies that other people claim to function. You just need to review a few of these to find one or two that you like and then refine to put your own twist on it. Live with your plan, keep your ego at the door, and you may be one of the few people who find success in this genre.

5- Focus, Focus, Focus: It's easy to be bothered by many possibilities in binary option space. In addition to the hundreds of types of assets offered, travel brokers can also give you One-Touch, Boundary, Ladder, and various other types of options to choose from, aside from the traditional "Put / Call" alternative. Your best bet is to keep it simple with the "Put / Call" option, until you become very familiar with the nuances of trading in this media. You are also advised to keep using well-known assets that you already know. Trade them when the market is active to ensure that the volume is at the highest level and liquidity concerns do not significantly affect valuation. Like other trading activities, trends are your friends. Be patient enough to wait for a strong trend to offer high probability settings for your trade.

6)    Practice, Practice, Practice: The way you make your initial plan your own is with practice on a demo system with virtual cash. There is no shortcut for experience in any trading environment and especially not with binary options. Veterans suggest that one-hour options are the best place to start. See what times of day produce the most consistent swings in market action. Predictable swings are your targets. If you intend to got he turbo route, then try out a few 60-second options during practice sessions. Luck will play a part in winning and losing. The brokers are counting on it, but as Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.”
7)    Money Management Counts: Money and risk management rules are greatly curtailed in the binary options space, but they are still important, if you wish to trade another day. You can either lose your entire investment, receive a small rebate back, or win a large percentage return. Your possible outcomes are fixed at time of order execution. Your downside risk is your option amount, less any applicable rebate in case you guess wrong. Let’s assume you wager $100. If you are conservative, this amount would only be 2% of your $5,000 account balance. More aggressive traders may tolerate 5% or 10%, meaning that you would need balances of $2,000 or $1,000, respectively. These rules are to protect you from long losing streaks, which will happen, even to veterans. If the force of a strong trend is behind your back, you may want to increase your percentage, as well, but never “Double-Up” on a losing trade or “Sell Early” on a winner with momentum. Increasing your investment amount in order to recover prior losses is just another way to become a quick casualty.
8)    Find a Reputable Signal Provider: If you want to trade as a profession and not just as a hobby, you may want to invest in an alert/signal service that can point you to potential opportunities in the binary option space. Be careful, however, because there are a lot of software robot providers that claim to be legitimate, but are just ordinary scams or junk. The good ones rely on tested software algorithms that indicate when a particular asset might be experiencing a trending bias. Options do not work that great when markets are ranging. Validate winning percentages, and do a complete due-diligence review before you make a decision. Also be wary of a broker that offers to trade on your behalf. They are trying to entice you to increase your deposit and then enter a losing trade thereafter. Binary option brokers only make money if you lose it.
9)    Be Careful with Correlating Assets: How may open positions should you have at any one time? The advice in traditional trading is no more than three, but since your downside risk is fixed with each order, you may find that you can raise this figure a little. Do not feel that you have to be in the market at all times. If you are trading hour options, be sure that they do not extend past a market closing. The point here is that trading is stressful enough without adding to it. If you do have multiple positions open at one time, you want to be sure that you are diversified without correlations working against your interests. For example, the Euro and Gold tend to move in directions opposite to the U.S. Dollar. If you place your positions incorrectly, you could find that one order cancelled out the other, but you would still lose overall, due to the lower payoff ratio.
10) Expect Early Losses and Start Small: You have followed the tips above, developed and practiced your trading strategy for hours on end, and now you are ready to make some real money. Whoa, Partner! Putting real money on the line can due weird things to your brain cells and nervous system, one reason that casualty rates are so high in this industry. High risk means just that. Do not commit funds that you cannot do without. Early losses could be high, the reason that most brokers must have aggressive new client solicitation campaigns together with hefty promotional deposit bonuses. Be aware of the trading commitments that are associated with these bonus programs, sometimes as much as 30 times the value before withdrawal restrictions will be removed. Brokers expect 7 out of 10 traders to fail and get both the bonus and initial deposit transferred to their coffers. There is no rush. Be patient. Do not put pressure on yourself to step up your action. Start out with small amounts, and as you begin to accumulate consistent gains, then increase your amount to something more reasonable, in line with money management rules.

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