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Top 10 Option Trading Tips. Option Trading Tip #5. My top 10 call and put option trading tips that I have learned, and that you MUST know before you start trading calls and puts. Trading Options Tip #5: When trading call and put options, the underlying stock's trend is your friend. Don't fight it! The Trend is Your Friend is a popular axiom that both stock traders and option traders live by. If the stock is in an uptrend, then don't fight it and expect the stock price to continue to go up. Likewise, if the stock is in a downtrend then don't try to pick the bottom--expect the stock price to keep going down. Because trading call and put options is all about guessing the direction of the underlying stock, option traders MUST identify the stock trend before trading options. The saying The Trend is Your Friend is a guideline, and not a hard fast rule. What it means is that all other factors aside, expect the stock to continue moving in the direction that it has been moving. Just like a any moving object has momentum, stock prices have momentum too. Obviously, major news events and earnings releases can make the stock price move in the opposite direction instantly, but without insider information my bet is always with the trend. I generally find it more successful to jump onboard the rallies and follow the crowd than to try to call the top of a price rally or try to call the bottom of a downtrend. When you see a stock is in an uptrend, most amateurs will think "the stock has gone up too fast and it must fall" but the reality is with stock price movements momentum is a wonderful thing. Don't try to pick the top of a rally or you will usually lose. Likewise, when a stock is in a downtrend, most amateurs will think "the stock has fallen so much so fast that it must be ready for a bounce back up. But beware of trying to catch a falling knife, you will usually get cut and bloody.

Follow the trend and buy puts on stock prices that are falling! Remember that The Trend is Your Friend , resistance is futile, and momentum can be a powerful ally when you are trading options. I usually find it more profitable to follow the crowd then to swim upstream! Here are the top 10 option concepts you should understand before making your first real trade: Options Resources and Links. Options trade on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and the prices are reported by the Option Pricing Reporting Authority (OPRA): Trading with the Trend. One of the most important components of the financial markets is trading with the trend, or trend trading. Every trader in the financial sector needs to develop a habit of closely studying the prevailing trend, especially market trends, to determine how investments are to be made at any given time. This method of trading in the provides a perfect avenue for people interested in getting involved with binary options trading as well. An examination of the latest trends provides a glimpse into the most profitable binary options. Traders interested in obtaining knowledge on whether to invest in the long or short term cannot afford to ignore observing the commodity’s or asset’s trend. This simply means that the momentum of a particular asset should be closely analyzed for some amount of time. It provides an opportunity for the person interested in trading with the trend.

Where the trend displays an upward momentum, the trader can enter into a long term position and vise versa when the trend displays an overall downward motion. Trading with the trend makes an interesting assumption. It assumes that the trend the trader has observed in relation to particular commodities or assets will continue for the foreseeable future. Thus, it is a useful tool in helping trader invest or trade for shorter timeframes as well as the long term. The ability to study trading trends enables the trader to develop systems through which he can get involved in binary options trading. Almost every single trader who has been actively engaged in trading with the trend has been known to continue with the timeframe of their choice until they notice a significant reversal. Whenever there is a reversal and the trend starts to display contrary or opposite momentum from what had been in existence previously the trader needs to pull out. As a trader in binary options, it is quite obvious that one of the primary areas of focus will always be on the issue of pricing. The advice offered freely to everyone in this sector, is to have a price range for any commodity being traded on below which the trader pulls out. This method of trading always bears great opportunities for loses primarily because it is a high risk, high reward market. If you hone your skills well enough, the chances of making huge amounts of profits will always be quite high. There are restrictions involved with trading with the trend in the USA.

Traders within this market will find it easier to trade with trend outside rather than inside this nation. This calls for the need to carry out proper research in this sector so that you only get involved in it as long as the country in which you are carrying it out accepts it. Legal factors are important to take into consideration as well. However, for the old hand and experienced traders, it provides ye another opportunity to reap great rewards. The Risk is very high when it comes to trading. Make sure you understand what is at stake before putting any money to work. You could lose your whole investment account. Keep It Simple and Trade With The Trend. As a trader, you have probably heard the old adage that it is best to "trade with the trend." The trend, say all the pundits, is your friend. This is sage advice as long as you know and can accept that the trend can end.

And then the trend is not your friend. So how can we determine the direction of the trend? I believe in the KISS rule, which says, "keep it simple, stupid!" Here is a method of determining the trend, and a simple method of anticipating the end of the trend. Before we get started, I want to mention the importance of time frames in determining the trend. Usually, when we are analyzing long-term investments the long-term time frame dominates the shorter time frames. However, for intraday purposes, the shorter time frame could be of greater value. Trades can be divided into three classes of trading styles or segments: the intra-day, the swing and the position trade. (See also: Trading Multiple Time Frames In FX .) Large commercial traders, such as those companies setting up production in a foreign country, might be interested in the fate of the currency over a long period of such as months or years. But for speculators a weekly chart can be accepted as the "long term." Averages Moving in Pairs.

With a weekly chart as the initial reference, we can then go about determining the long-term trend for a speculative trader. To do this we will resort to two very useful tools that will help us determine the trend. These two tools are the simple moving average and the exponential moving average. In the weekly chart above, you can see that for the period of May, 2006 until July, 2008 the blue 20 interval period exponential moving average is above the red 55 simple moving average and both are sloping upward. This indicates the trend is showing a rise of the euro and therefore a weakening dollar. In August, 2008, the short-term moving average (blue) on the chart below turned down, indicating a potential change in trend although the long-term average (red) had not yet done so. Finding the Change in Trend. In October, the 20-day moving average crossed over the 55-day moving average. Both were then sloping downward. At this point the trend has changed to the downside and short positions against the euro would be successful. Still looking at Chart 2, we notice that the short-term moving average goes relatively flat in December, 2008 and starts to turn up, now indicating a potential change in trend to the upside. But a closer look at the 55-day moving average as of December, 2008, shows that the long-term moving average has remained downward sloping. (See also: Technical Analysis Tutorial .) By checking Chart 2, we can see that the first arrow from the left indicates that the long-term moving average has turned down, indicating that the weekly or longer term trend for the EURUSD has now gone down. The second arrow indicates where a new short position could have been successfully taken once the price had traded back to the down sloping moving average.

The goal here is to determine the trend direction, not when to enter or exit a trade. Of course this is not to say that there were no trading opportunities in the shorter time frames such as the daily and hourly charts. But for those traders who want to trade with the trend, rather than trading the correction, one could wait for the trend to resume and again trade in the direction of the trend. Double Bottom Indicator. Let's switch to Chart 3 and see what happens as the 20-day exponential moving average trades down to a double bottom. Given that a double bottom on a chart suggests support at the bottom, we can watch the price action on the daily to give us an advance clue. The arrow indicates where the short-term moving average is turning up. Once again, the moving averages are not used as trading signals but only for trend direction purposes. (Discover how these influential levels can switch roles, see Support And Resistance Reversals .) By setting up a short-term exponential moving average and a longer term simple moving average, on a weekly and a daily chart, it is possible to gauge the direction of the trend. Knowing the trend does help in taking positions but bear in mind that the markets move in waves.

These waves are called impulse waves when in the direction of the trend and corrective waves when contrary to the trend. By counting the waves or pivots in each wave, one can attempt to anticipate whether a trading opportunity will be against the trend or with the trend. According to Elliot wave theory, an impulse wave usually consists of five swings and a corrective wave usually consists of 3 swings. A full wave move would consist of five swings with two of the swings being counter trend. (See also: Elliott Wave Theory .) The image above gives an example of an Elliot wave. Because Elliot wave theory can be very subjective, I prefer to use a pivot count to help me determine wave exhaustion. This usually translates into a minimum of seven pivots when going with the trend, followed by five pivots during a correction. Sometimes the market will not cooperate with these technical assumptions but it can occur often enough to provide some very lucrative trading opportunities. Below is an example of the wave in action (blue arrows mark the direction). By combining the moving average diagnosis with the pivot count and then fine-tuning the analysis with an observation of candle patterns, a trader can stack the odds of making a successful trade in his or her favor. Remember trading is a craft, which means that it is both art and science and requires practice to develop consistency and profitability.

(See also: Advanced Candlestick Patterns .) Binary Options Trading With Trend Lines. The use of trend lines may be one of the most basic trading tools in binary options, but no less sufficient nonetheless. Although some traders think that the use of trend lines is too simplistic, in fact they are extremely effective and valuable tools which can result in great success for a trader. Any trader who learns how to use trend lines to analyse the patterns that the market is forming will need to rely less on the use of technical indicators to inform their trades. As may be surmised, in an uptrend, market prices will continue to rise, producing higher lows as well as higher highs. On the other hand, a downtrend indicates a situation where the prices produce lower lows as well as lower highs. When a binary options trader determines the trend lines on their chart, they can find the market sentiment. If sentiment appears to be strong, it may be tempting to go with popular sentiment, however if that sentiment appears to be exceptionally strong, this could be a sign that the market is about to change trend, just as much as it could be a signal that the current price action will continue. Trend line analysis helps an investor to predict the future, defining the boundaries of support and resistance. Recommended Binary Options Brokers. Drawing a Trend Line. It is important to know how to properly draw a trend line in order to correctly judge the price action of a specific asset.

To do this, in a bullish trend a trader should locate the lowest low on their chart together with the next lowest low and draw a line between them, carrying the line onwards as a projection. In a bearish trend, a trader should locate the most recent high and the one immediately lower than it and draw a line between them extending it into the future. Once you have done this, you will need to know how to identify an inner or outer trend. An inner trend line is an indicator of a move in momentum and sentiment and is a sign that market conditions are rapidly changing. An outer line is able to be used as a boundary at which the price will struggle to break through. Both inner and outer trend lines help traders to choose the correct striking price for their options. What are Price Movement Corridors? A price movement corridor refers to the potential price swing spread to each direction. This can identify the market’s general sentiment and assists in making projections. To determine the corridor, a trader must plot two parallel lines on the chart.

For example, if a downward trend reveals the market sentiment is towards selling the asset and the current trend continuing, a trader is able to purchase put options safely using the upper line as a level of resistance and the bottom line as a level of support. One key method when trading binary options is working with trend lines and the lines of support and resistance. The longer the lines of resistance and support remain unchanged, the more reliable the trend and the more obvious the forecast to be made. Also, the more frequently the asset’s price has tested the lines of resistance and support and failed to break them, the stronger the trend is. A Trading method for Trend Lines. When looking to purchase in the market, the best idea for a trader is to purchase near an area of support, and conversely if they wish to sell, they should do so near an area of resistance. This is because the strong level of support indicates that the price low has been established while strong resistance reveals that a price high has been established. Trading close to these levels assists a trader in achieving their goal of selling high and purchasing low and this is always a profitable method. Although this sounds very simple, in real life, the lines are often broken and this needs to be incorporated in your trading method. Once a line has been broken it changes character with a line of support switching to a line of resistance and vice versa. It is important to determine the strength of these lines as if they are very strong, the more confidence a trader can have in using this lines to inform their trade. Other educational articles. Recommended readings. Naive trading rules in financial markets and wiener-kolmogorov prediction theory: a study of” technical analysis” Neftci, S. N. (1991).

Journal of Business, 549-571. “GP-evolved technical trading rules can outperform buy and hold.” Becker, Lee A., and Mukund Seshadri (2003) Best Binary Options Brokers. Best Education Broker. Your capital is at risk. Trade with caution, these products might not be suitable for everyone so make sure you understand the risks involved. What options trading trend We have high regards for Banc De Binary, and we believe after you review their track record and credentials you too would agree that they&hellip More. 0 September 28, 2016 Porter Finance Is a Scam! Or not? Dive into Our Ultimate Analysis 0 September 28, 2016 Nenx Brings Easy and Accessible Binary Trading to Mobile 0 September 26, 2016 Highly Recommended Strategies in Binary Options Trading in 2017 0 September 12, 2016 Wynn Finance Will Teach You How to Trade Binary Options Like a Pro.

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Regrettably,&hellip More. Using Options for Swing Trading. This article demonstrates how options can be used to reduce swing trading risks, avoid needing to short stock, and employ leverage to expand a swing trading method. It further displays the versatility from options for swing trading. The method of swing trading is a short-term method designed to take advantage of three - to five-day market movement. It takes advantage of the tendency of price movement to over-react to immediate news before price levels correct. A set-up is the signal for either entry or exit swing traders use for timing of decisions. A narrow-range day (NRD) is a day trading in an exceptionally small price range between opening and closing prices. Click here to learn how to utilize Bollinger Bands with a quantified, structured approach to increase your trading edges and secure greater gains with Trading with Bollinger Bands® – A Quantified Guide. Swing trading — contrarian emotional trading: In most market, buy and sell decisions are made based on two primary emotions: fear and greed.

Fear drives prices down, often far below the price justified by current news. Greed drives prices up, often above a logical or reasonable level. The swing trader recognizes the tendency for prices to move erratically in a three - to five-day cycle. Options are well suited for swing trading because risk levels are very limited and option contracts can be either long or short. The safest method — using only long contracts — does not prohibit trading on downside trends. Unlike having to short stock (a fairly high-risk method), the long put is a low-risk alternative. Puts rise in value as their underlying stock’s value falls. A swing trading overview. Swing traders rely on extremely short-term trends to spot both entry and exit signals. The idea is to take advantage of market over-reaction to news about the company or the entire market. For example, an exceptionally strong and unexpected earnings announcement above estimates might cause a stock’s price to jump several points. This often is followed by a price retreat.

The jump in price is an over-reaction, telling the swing trader to enter a short position and expect a downturn in the next three to five days. The same kind of cause and effect works when stock prices fall swing traders recognize that markets over-react and the likelihood is that price will rebound in coming sessions. The set-up signals swing traders seek come in at least three popular varieties and when two (or even all three) appear together, it is a strong confirming factor. The three popular signs are: 1. A specific trend: Three or more consecutive uptrend or downtrend days. An uptrend consists of each day’s opening price at a level above the previous day’s opening price, and its closing price higher than the prior close. So an uptrend is three or more days of higher highs and higher lows. A downtrend is the opposite. It consists of three or more days in which the day’s opening price is lower than the previous day’s opening, and a closing price lower than the previous day’s close: lower highs and lower lows. 2. A narrow-range day (NRD): One of the strongest set-up signals is the NRD, a day in which the opening and closing price are very close together. Candlestick chartists call this a doji , a Japanese word that is translated as “mistake.” This formation indicates indecision in the market. However, an NRD can also have a wide trading range even though opening and closing prices are close to one another. This indicates that buyers (for upside trading movement) or sellers (for downside) were not able to move the price in the desired direction.

When you see an NRD after a clearly identified uptrend or downtrend, it signals the end of the trend and a reversal. 3. Exceptionally high volume: When a day’s volume spikes far above the average, it also signals a reversal. This tells you that traders were very active in the stock, which often occurs just before price turns around. All three set-up signals were found in the chart for Caterpillar (CAT), which is shown in Figure 1. Chart courtesy of StockCharts. com. Note the highly visible uptrend and downtrend, narrow-range day and volume spikes. All of these signal the end of the trend and likelihood of reversal. When you see combinations of these three signals, it is a strong sign. If you are already in a swing trade, it is an exit signal. If you are waiting for an entry point, any two of the three popular signals will tell you it’s time to take action. Short-term options as a good alternative to stock.

Swing traders face a problem, however, even when they are able to spot very clear entry and exit signals. At the top of the trend, the signal foreshadows a downward trend. However, many traders are hesitant to sell stock short due to the high risks of shorting. As a consequence, many swing traders only play the long position, looking for entry at the bottom and exit at the top. Consequently, they only take part in half of all swing trading opportunities. Options solve this problem without adding risk. In fact, using options in place of stock reduces the market risks of swing trading. For example, if you are swing trading a $50 stock and you trade in increments of 100 shares, your long-side risk is always 50 points. If your timing is off and the stock falls 12 points, you lose $1,200. On the short side, you need to expose yourself to the market risk that the stock’s price will rise rather than fall. In that outcome, you have to cover the short position at a loss. The same 100-share exposure can be traded on both sides, and always with long positions. Using calls to enter at the bottom and puts at the top solves the problem.

For a fraction of the cost of 100 shares, you can expose yourself to the same market opportunities of swing trading 100 shares. But you can never lose more than the cost of the option. You may be able to find a long call or put for $300 to $600, for example, depending on time to expiration, proximity between market value and strike, and the overall volatility of the stock. Using options allows you to trade long on both sides of the swing, while leveraging your exposure and reducing market risks. All forms of swing trading contain some risk, but using options is a lower risk than using stock. Options also allow you to trade many more stocks in a swing trading method because you only need a small fraction of the share cost to control 100 shares of stock. For example, if you can find calls and puts for $300, that is much lower than the cost of buying or selling 100 shares of a $50 stock. Another interesting aspect of option-based swing trading is the benefits of impending expiration. In most option strategies, expiration is the ever-present problem. Traders have to balance the premium cost with the time issue. However, swing trading is based on a very short cyclical price swing of three to five days. Because you expect the short-term trend to play out very quickly, the best bargains are calls and puts that expire within a couple of weeks. Soon to expire options have little or no time value remaining, so their intrinsic value is at the most responsive point possible. Both calls and puts are most likely to mirror price movement of the underlying stock, increasing in value point for point.

An in-the-money call with increase point for point with stock as its price rises (or will fall as it declines). An in-the-money put will do the opposite, rising one point for each point of decliner in the underlying stock (or will lose one point for each stock point to the upside). Variations using options. The most basic option-based swing trading method involves buying calls at reversal points after downtrends and buying puts at reversal points after uptrends. But at least four variations of this basic method can also be used: 1. Long and short calls: One variation is to use only calls for swing trading, so that one side (long) costs money and the other side (short) produces immediate income. A long call is bought at the end of the downtrend and sold after a price run-up. A short call is employed at the top-side reversal set-up. Using uncovered calls in this method makes the short side of the swing very risky. However, if you also own 100 shares of the underlying stock, the short call is covered and is a very safe method. 2. Long and short puts: You can also use only puts in a swing trading method. Like the call-based method, a long put costs you and a short put produces a profit. Like the call-only method, the uncovered short put is higher-risk than the long put. You go long at the top of the price swing, selling at the bottom.

And you go short at the bottom, closing out the position after the uptrend ends. 3. Short calls and short puts: Swing trading can also be designed using short calls at the top and short puts at the bottom. Risks are reduced on the short call side if you own 100 shares for each short call. 4. Opening varying numbers of options on one side or the other of the swing: If a swing trader believes the potential for strong price movement is greater on one side or the other, another approach is to open a higher number of positions. For example, if a swing trader believes upside movement is going to stronger than downside, a mixed method might involve buying three long calls at the bottom of the swing and buying only two puts at the top. Many other variations of this varied number of contracts are possible. You may also leave options open for different times. For example, if you have been riding a trend with three contracts and made a good profit, you may be able to take most of your profits by closing two positions. By leaving the third contract open, you continue to benefit if the current trend continues. Options turn the relatively automatic programming of swing trading into a more interesting method. It combines high leverage and reduced market risk helps avoid having to short stock and introduces a lot of variation into the method itself.

As an options play, swing trading is one of the rare examples in which using soon-to-expire, in-the-money contracts provides you a benefit, even using long contracts. Because swing trade trends and reversals tend to take place over only a handful of trading periods, the time issue present in so many option strategies is not a disadvantage to swing traders. The whole philosophy behind swing trading is to take advantage of the tendency of prices to over-react to news, both good and bad. The swing trader plays the movement anticipating reversal and, with the help of set-up signals and confirmation, often is right more frequently than the average trader. Michael C. Thomsett is author of over 60 books. His latest book is Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading: How to Protect and Build Capital in Turbulent Markets. He also wrote the best-selling Getting Started in Options (John Wiley & Sons), which has sold over 250,000 copies and was recently released in its 8th edition Winning with Options (Amacom Books) The LEAPS Strategist(Marketplace Books) and both Options Trading for the Conservative Investor (recently released in its second edition) and The Options Trading Body of Knowledge (Financial TimesPrentice Hall). Thomsett’s website is MichaelThomsett. com. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee and writes full time. Recent Articles on TradingMarkets. The Connors Group, Inc. 10 Exchange Place, Suite 1800.

Jersey City, NJ 07302. Company Resources. Connect with TradingMarkets. © Copyright 2017 The Connors Group, Inc. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by Company are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of future returns which be realized by you. In addition, the indicators, strategies, columns, articles and all other features of Company's products (collectively, the "Information") are provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Examples presented on Company's website are for educational purposes only. Such set-ups are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell. Accordingly, you should not rely solely on the Information in making any investment. Rather, you should use the Information only as a starting point for doing additional independent research in order to allow you to form your own opinion regarding investments. You should always check with your licensed financial advisor and tax advisor to determine the suitability of any investment. HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTS HAVE CERTAIN INHERENT LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING AND MAY NOT BE IMPACTED BY BROKERAGE AND OTHER SLIPPAGE FEES.

ALSO, SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT ACTUALLY BEEN EXECUTED, THE RESULTS MAY HAVE UNDER - OR OVER-COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY, OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFITS OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN. US Search Desktop. We appreciate your feedback on how to improve Yahoo Search . This forum is for you to make product suggestions and provide thoughtful feedback. We’re always trying to improve our products and we can use the most popular feedback to make a positive change! If you need assistance of any kind, please visit our community support forum or find self-paced help on our help site. This forum is not monitored for any support-related issues. The Yahoo product feedback forum now requires a valid Yahoo ID and password to participate. You are now required to sign-in using your Yahoo email account in order to provide us with feedback and to submit votes and comments to existing ideas. If you do not have a Yahoo ID or the password to your Yahoo ID, please sign-up for a new account. If you have a valid Yahoo ID and password, follow these steps if you would like to remove your posts, comments, votes, andor profile from the Yahoo product feedback forum.

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objective options trading. Where We Go From Here. It’s been a quiet couple of months around the site and I’m overdue for an announcement that impacts the future of Theta Trend. As many readers know, I believe there are philosophical parallels between markets and life. As a first person blog, that belief has made its way into my writing and the content of &hellip Reverse Harvey Adjustment For A Longer Term Broken Wing Butterfly – (Video) Overview: The video below makes reference to the July 29, 2016 expiration $SPX Broken Wing Butterfly. The trade was started with 85 DTE, scaled into, and then adjusted due to an open profit. The video below talks about a potential Reverse Harvey adjustment for the trade. Ultimately, I opted for a less aggressive adjustment and &hellip Low Maintenance, Low Stress Broken Wing Butterfly Trades and Adjustments. Overview: Lately it seems like there has been a lot of talk about Broken Wing Butterflies in the options world. There are several popular BWB “income” trades like the Rhino, Road Trip, and Kevlar. Those trades are typical income trades where you’re beginning with some initial structure and then adjusting it based on market movement, &hellip Weekend Market Commentary 5272016 – $SPX, $RUT, $VXST, $VIX, $VXV. Market Stats: Big Picture: One of the truths of markets is that we don’t get to choose the market environment. Investors want markets that go up all the time, traders usually want volatility, and premium sellers want implied volatility higher than realized volatility. Not all of those environments exist simultaneously and diversification helps us manage different environments.

&hellip Ali Pashaei On Weekly Put Selling And Beyond. Article & Course Content Update 632016: I recently heard form Ali and he mentioned that there have been some concerns about selling naked options andor people are hoping to have a credit spread variation of his method. He said that in Class Number 2 there will be a rule based credit spread system (to be &hellip Butterfly Adjustments In A Market Moving Up Fast. Overview: Nobody likes getting into a trade only to have market rip against you, but sometimes it happens. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or keep an eye on my results know that I had a touch of unlucky entry timing for the July CIB. The trade was opened with 55 DTE on &hellip Follow ThetaTrend. Like ThetaTrend on Facebook! Want to become a better trader? (Not a trick question) Learn from my mistakes and download my 20+ Page Credit Spread Trading System Document!


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